Allyn Pintal

Hello! I'd love to coach your team or direct your sketches! I've been doing improv since high school and have been taking classes at UCB since 2013. I have also studied with the Groundlings. Characters are my favorite thing to do, and I'd love to help you create characters with strong, specific p...
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Erin Lann

Hey! I would love to help your improv or sketch team find its voice. I'm especially great to bring onboard if you find yourselves running out of steam towards the end of shows, or frequently thinking "alright--now what?" We'll work on furthering the scene and fix that! I can also help you writ...
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Josh Brekhus

Yo yo yo, I'm Josh and I'd like to coach your improv team. I've studied comedic things at UCB since 2010, and have done comedic things at UCB like Harold Teams BELMONTE, SOLID GOLD FOREVER, and currently on LEROY. I was also on a Maude Team ROYAL BERMUDA WHISKEY CLUB, a performer on UCB TourCo, a...
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Ric Rosario

I love to focus on scene work! Quality scenes first, everything else will fall into place. I have the esteemed privilege of having studied with great teachers at UCBTLA, Second City Hollywood, iO West, and I am a grad of those schools.
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Eileen Mary O'Connell

Hi there! I'm Eileen and I have 16 years of improv and sketch experience that I'd love to share with you! I've trained with UCBTLA, Second City Chicago, the Miles Stroth Workshop (now The Pack), Drysdale Classes, Groundlings, Nerdist (now The Ruby), and more. I'm a member of Murder Murder (UC...
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Becky Sanders

Becky has been improvising in Los Angeles for just over ten years. She has coached and taught at Pack Theater, iO West, Rogue Improv, and other small workshops around the country. She was trained at iO west, UCB, and Second City, and uses influences from all three schools in her uplifting yet har...
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Andrew Pish

I want to help you and your team access your own unique, intuitive talent through improv. I can help you find areas for growth and opportunities to expand your range. I want to help you find joy, overcome walls, connect to your bodies, and see your method in a larger context. I weave Keith Johnst...
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Lydia Hensler

Hi! I'm a veteran UCB performer and teacher who just moved here from New York. I teach and coach all levels of improv as well as character writing and performance. I look forward to working with you!
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Zak Roland

Hello! I look forward to working with your team. I've been studying and performing improv since 2008. I started out working with greats Kevin Mullaney, Craig Cackowski, Nick Armstrong, Susan Messing, Joe Bill, Anthony Atamanuik, Jimmy Carrane & Rick Andrews as well as taken workshops with Ian...
Schedule updated 6 months ago

Josh Covitt

I'm a sketch and improv coach who enjoys working with groups of all levels. I've studied with UCB since 2007 and before that completed the entire Groundlings program. I was previously on Harold and Maude night at UCBLA, and I now perform every week at UCB Sunset as part of "Outside Dog Gets One S...
Schedule updated 7 months ago