Ryan Kelly Coil

I’m Ryan! I got my start in Boston on the ImprovBoston Touring Company where I taught and performed all over New England. There I taught corporate workshops, after school programs, opened for TEDX talks using both short-form and long-form styles of play. In LA I am on the former iOWest Harold te...
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Rachel LaForce

Hi Friends! I am Rachel LaForce and I would love to coach your improv team or direct your next sketch show! I am passionate about helping performers find their joy through play and their comedy through connection. My teaching experience has taken me all over the US and internationally. I t...
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Dennis Curlett

Hi! My name's Dennis and I'd love to coach your team! I was a member of the UCB Harold team KNUCKLEPUCK and UCB Mess Hall Teams, WATSON and BUSTERS. I've been doing improv for fifty thousand years and have been taught by literally everyone. Literally. Think of someone. Yes, they've taught me! ...
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Walter Leonardo Svarzbein

Hi! I've been doing bits my entire life! I was taught by Jonny Svarzbein and Jacki Merchant. My goal is to help your team excel in the areas of eating, farting pooping, sleeping and stage craft. I'm already funnier than Will Hines!
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Danny Mastrangelo

*** Please note: My regular schedule is currently full. You can still contact me for one-offs, but I'm not taking on any more regular teams at the moment. Thanks! Hi there! I'm a trained coach from iOWest and have specifically studied improv coaching under Craig Cackowski (Dasariski) and Dave ...
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Jim Woods

Hi! I'm Jim Woods. I perform with the Smokes at UCBTLA Franklin. I've been a performer at UCB, Io Chicago/West, Second City, Boom Chicago, Comedy Sportz and am a co-founder of the FA Theater in London. My goal as a coach is to help you walk the line of how to make your improv as easy as possible ...
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James Mannion

I'm currently a member of the UCB Harold team Leroy. In the past I was on the Harold team Dollhouse and the Mess Hall team TKO, and I'm on the indie team Nevada Pajamas. I've been doing improv for over a decade and taking classes at UCB since 2015. I love doing improv and I love talking about im...
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Meg Joh

Hi! I coach improv and direct sketch and staged shows! I have performed on both UCB stages many times with my teams WILD, Spunky Moms, Hot Second, and more... I am an invested coach that creates specific plans for what you are working on as a team. My improv coaching style is most influenced by ...
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Jacquis Neal

Yo. I'd love to coach you and your team. I'm a UCB approved coach and a house team member on teams like UCB Harold Team, Dollhouse and UCB Maude Team, Emerald. I also host the improv show Dramedy at UCB with my indie team Some Kinda Monster, with whom we do an improvised Law and Order, our creat...
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Lauren Knutti

Hi, pups! I'm an actor/improviser/writer who wants to coach ya! I'm on the UCB Harold team Heartthrob and was on the UCB Mess Hall team Woodson. Before moving to LA and studying at the UCB, I did years of improv and sketch in Austin at ColdTowne Theater. I have a plethora of fun exercises. Let...
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