Jesse Esparza

Hi! My name is Jesse Esparza and I'm looking to coach more improv teams. I focus on playing emotionally, having a strong opinion, reacting, simplifying scenes, and following the fun. I'm on the UCB Maude team Bombardier. I was on the UCB Maude team ALL IN, the Mess Hall team Bad Seed, the all...
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Andrew Stanton

I have been doing improv since 2007, I was on two house teams at the Philly Improv Theater, and I've taught workshops in Philadelphia and in the UK. I was on the UCBTLA Mess Hall team Tusk, and am currently on Harold Night with Heartthrob. My focus is not on the technical, but on making bold c...
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Zander Frost

UCB APPROVED COACH. I'm Zander and I want to coach your team! I’ve been on two UCB Harold teams, Bitchin’ (Current), and Heartthrob, as well as the UCB Cagematch winning team, Bunker, and three UCB Mess Hall teams, Rumple, TRISH, and Scalene. I've been performing improv regularly since 2010. I...
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Don Fanelli

Hello LA! My name is Don Fanelli After performing and teaching out of UCBNY for over 6 years I decided to move out here for the lemon trees. Now I will awkwardly list why I think I would be a great coach for you: -- Been coaching for over 8 years, including many Harold and Lloyd teams, as well...
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Victoria Longwell

Hey- I'm Victoria! I'm currently in my fourth year on UCB's Harold Night as a member of YETI! I've studied improv at UCB with Seth Morris, Will Hines, Julie Brister, Dan Lippert, Casey Feigh, Nick Mandernach, Johnny Meeks, Suzi Barrett, and more! I'd like to help your team work on performing ...
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Molly Doan

Hi! My name is Molly and I’d love to coach your improv team/practice group! I also offer 1 on 1 or group character coaching! Stuff about me: I’m on UCB Characters Welcome team, Costello, along with UCB Mess Hall team, Lobster, and past UCB Mess Hall team, Devil Hawk. You may have also seen me pe...
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Mia Schauffler

Hi, my name is Mia and I'd love to coach your team! I currently perform on the UCB Harold team Leroy, and was previously on the Harold Teams Vulture and Dollhouse, and the Mess Hall team Busters. I'd love to help your team work on labeling, justifying and getting everyone on the same page.
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Jake Regal

Me: 8 years on UCB Harold Night/house improv teams. Currently a member of Cardinal Redbird. 2 years on Maude Night with the team Goodman. You: An improv student, probably?
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Cory Webster

Hello! I would love to coach your improv team or direct your sketch team! I am a member of the former UCB Mess Hall team Chat Bot and a writer/performer in the show Dick Cannon Wins the Lottery which had a year long run at UCB. I have also directed Spanks and a sketches for Legitimate Goddamn The...
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George Kareman

Hey Guys! My name is George Kareman and I was on both Harold Night and Maude Night at UCBNY but I LIVE IN LOS ANGELES NOW!!! My Harold teams were Smalls, The Regulars and Deckard and my Maude teams were Supereasy and Alamo. I have also directed for Sketch Cram and Maude Night in New Yor...
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