Lilliana Winkworth

Hey! It’s me! I perform on Harold Night with THIS IS SHE at UCB and host the monthly character and storytelling show, SAD FUNNY (comedy all about the things that make you sad). I performed with The Second City's National Touring Company for 3 years and on an iO Harold Team (Chicago). I’ve stu...
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Jake Regal

Hi! I've spent 9 years on UCB Harold Night/house improv teams. I'm a member of the long-running team Cardinal Redbird. I teach improv at UCB and the World's Greatest Improv School (WGIS). I also co-hosted The Big Jam for five years. Also also, spent two years and change on Maude. Feel free to ...
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Brian Perrault

Hello! I'm Brian and I'd love to coach your team or practice group! I'm a UCB Lloyd Night performer on Perks. I've studied at UCB, WE Improv, The Shared Experience, and more. Outside of UCB, I perform with WE Improv on the house team Wimbledon and helped host and produce the show The Harold Exper...
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James Jelin

I'm a UCB Harold performer on team Local Tycoon, and I co-host UCB's monthly Lip Sync Competition as Drag Queen Leia Bia. I also perform with WGIS house team The Sauce and on various indie teams at WE Improv, Shared Experience, UCB, The Pack, & The Clubhouse. I was a teacher at Washington Improv ...
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Yaki Margulies

Hi there! I'd love to coach your improv team or practice group and help you develop your own unique style. I've been studying and performing improv for over 13 years. I'm currently a regular UCB main stage performer, I was on the Mess Hall team, Shimmy!, I'm on the long-running indie impro...
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Sean Smith

Hey! I have been performing for over a decade all across the country. I've trained at UCB and Second City in Chicago, and am currently a performer on the UCB Harold team Lohan. I have a passion for the craft of improv al love teaching many different styles. I love teaching UCB game, but also ...
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Christopher Tcholakian

Hello! I’m Chris (yikes! on Harold Night, formerly Odyssey on Lloyd Night) and I’d love to coach your team or practice group. I’ve been improvising for over a decade, primarily through UCB. While I’ve taken classes at Second City, Brooklyn Comedy Collective and Playhouse West— I live and brea...
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Quinn Boyes

Writer and improviser living in Los Angeles who can be seen performing weekly with UCB Harold team Power of Attorney.
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Andres Parada

Howdy! My name is Andres, and I'm a Groundlings/UCB performer. I'd love to coach your improv team, practice group, or sketch team! I put a special emphasis on characters, physicality, and grounding scenes in emotional relationships. I'm a performer on UCB's Harold team HEADBUTT, Maude team TR...
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Jeremy Sender

I'm back in LA and genuinely excited to coach! I started training at UCB in 2013, and performed on a Mess Hall team in 2015. Then I moved to Chicago, trained at iO and Annoyance, and stated playing on iO Harold teams in 2017. I also performed and taught at the UCB-style theater Under The Gun, fou...
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