Rudy Behrens

Hello, I'm Rudy Behrens, and I coach improv. I just moved to LA from New York, where I started studying Improv at UCB in 2009. I was a member of UCB Harold teams Ice Cold Bev and Foxhole, Lloyd teams Lisa From School and Boombox, as well as indie teams Boy Butter, Grand Falloon, and Single Dads...
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Rachael Mason

Hi! My name is Rachael Mason! I have taught at UCB for the last nine years and I coach sketch and improv around town. I have studied improv and sketch at UCB, PIT and Magnet theaters in New York. My teachers have included Billy Merritt, Michael Delaney, Amy Poehler, Armando Diaz, Ian Roberts...
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James Dwyer

Hey I'm James. I am a veteran performer and teacher at UCBNY but NOW I LIVE IN LA. I formerly performed Fridays with The Law Firm and have previously performed in ASSSSCAT, poHa, Strife, One Man Harold, Harold Night and more. My training has primarily been through the UCB Training Center wher...
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Cory Webster

Hello! I would love to coach your improv team or direct your sketch team! I am a current UCB Mess Hall team member with Chat Bot and a writer/performer in the show Dick Cannon Wins the Lottery which has a run at UCB. I have also directed a Spank and a sketch for Legitimate Goddamn Theatre. My ...
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Walter Leonardo Svarzbein

Hi! I've been doing bits my entire life! I was taught by Jonny Svarzbein and Jacki Merchant. My goal is to help your team excel in the areas of eating, farting pooping, sleeping and stage craft. I'm already funnier than Will Hines!
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Ryan Kelly Coil

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Caroline Cotter

Hi! I recently moved from NYC and would love to coach LA groups! I am currently on the Messhall team JLPTP. At UCBNY, I taught Improv 101-401 & Advanced Study Improv for over four years. I performed on Asssscat and was on the weekend team GOAT, and previously was on the Harold teams Higgins, ...
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Malin von Euler-Hogan

Hi! I'd love to coach your practice group or team! I'm currently on the UCB Harold team PONY, and before that I was on the Harold teams Slamball and Foxhole in New York. I've studied improv at UCB since 2012 and am down to work on whatever your group needs. I especially like working on getting on...
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Danny Mastrangelo

*** Please note: My regular schedule is currently full. You can still contact me for one-offs, but I'm not taking on any more regular teams at the moment. Thanks! Hi there! I'm a trained coach from iOWest and have specifically studied improv coaching under Craig Cackowski (Dasariski) and Dave ...
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Michael Gardner

Hello! My name is Michael Gardner and I would love to coach your improv team, or direct your sketch or staged comedy show. I have been doing improv for 11 years and have been studying specifically here in LA since 2011. I also co-wrote the shows "The Dixieland Family Band", "Who Is Funk Shuffl...
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