Alexis Rhiannon

I've been training with UCBT since 2010, and I currently perform on the UCBTLA Harold Team Cheeks. (I also lived in New York for ten years, where I was on the Harold Team Highwater and the Lloyd Team Horse Girl. I am both old and wise and young and hot.) I'm into grounded, truthful, patient im...
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Jozef Fahey

Hey! My name’s Joe and I’m available to coach your improv team! I'm a member of UCB Harold team, Jetset! I was previously on two mess hall teams: Rumple and Ringo! I also run the weekly Clubhouse show, Mach Improv. I’ve studied under Suzi Barrett, Dan Lippert, James Mastraieni, Mike McLendon, Gav...
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Andy Bustillos

Hi!! I'm currently on the UCB LA Harold team GHOST and am a host of B.Y.O.T. in the Inncer Sanctum, I was on the UCBNY Weekend Team Bucky and performed with Fifty/Cincuenta (UCB Bilingual improv team). I was on the Lloyd Teams Camp and The Nightmare as well as the Harold Team Some Kid. Currently...
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PJ McCormick

Hi, I'm PJ and I'd like to be your coach! I'm currently a performer on Harold team Jetset and I've been on two Mess Hall teams: JLPTP and Bomb Pop. I also perform on Filipino AF and I'm a writer/actor on the sketch team The Babes. I love to focus on emotional commitment, comedic point of view and...
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Julia Meltzer

Hi guys, I'm Julia - I did 4 years on Harold Night, and now perform with Queen George and Toledo Rep. Before Harold Night, I was on a Mess Hall team. I'm on the UCB approved coaches list, I regularly sub Boot Camp and I have coached three Mess Hall teams. My goal in coaching is to make sure ...
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Michael Gardner

Hello! My name is Michael Gardner and I would love to coach your improv team, or direct your sketch or staged comedy show. I have been doing improv for 11 years and have been studying specifically here in LA since 2011. I also co-wrote the shows "The Dixieland Family Band", "Who Is Funk Shuffl...
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Jake Regal

Me: 8 years on UCB Harold Night/house improv teams. Currently a member of Cardinal Redbird. 2 years on Maude Night with the team Goodman. You: An improv student, probably?
Schedule updated 29 days ago

Tom Smaldone

Yo, I'm Tom Smaldone! I'm currently on the UCB Messhall Fall 2019 team Possum I've been improvising for 8 years. In Denver, CO I was a part of the prime time group Governor Jack where I had the opportunity to perform with UCB greats like Will Hines, Alex Berg, Billy Merrit, Dave Theune, Sebast...
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Matt Apodaca

Hi! I am on the UCB approved coaches list and I am currently on my 4th year of Harold Night at UCB LA with my team PONY. If you're just starting out or even if you've been doing it a while and want someone who cares about your shows being good, I'd love to coach you!
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Mia Schauffler

Hi, my name is Mia and I'd love to coach your team! I currently perform on the UCB Harold team Leroy, and was previously on the Harold Teams Vulture and Dollhouse, and the Mess Hall team Busters. I'd love to help your team work on labeling, justifying and getting everyone on the same page.
Schedule updated about 1 month ago