PJ McCormick

PJ McCormick is a mixed Filipino actor, writer, and comedian based in Los Angeles. He’s a performer on the UCB Harold team Lohan, an original member of Filipino AF, and host of ONE BIG JAM! PJ is co-owner and teacher of The Shared Experience Studio and a regular performer on The Shared Experience...
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Marina Mastros

Hello! I perform with a UCB house team called Sassy Bluff and a former iO West Harold team called MAX. I was a teacher at iO West and the National Comedy Theatre in San Diego. I was also the Inclusion Director at iO West and am a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant. See more at marinamast...
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Artoun Nazareth

Well hello there! My name is Artoun, and I'd love to be your coach! I'm currently on the UCB Harold team GHOST and have been since 2019, I teach improv at the UCB theater, and have performed on shows like Fuck This Month, Bigger with Izzy and Brennan, and Catharsis. I was a performer in t...
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James Dean Saldivar

Yo this is James! I would love to coach your improv team and/or practice group. I have been doing improv since 2015, and am currently on the We! Improv house team Cosmo. I came up through UCB and I’ve run shows at UCB and The Clubhouse. Zoom and in person
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Monica Alquetz

Monica Alquetz is an improvisor, director, and teacher from Austin, TX, who is now a recent transplant to Los Angeles. She has been performing improv since 2014 and teaching improv since 2017. She has directed and performed in various improvised productions in Austin, including - but not limited ...
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Quinn Buckner

I've been performing since 2009 and teaching since 2011. I was a teacher for Merlin Works for a couple years and since mid 2014 have been on the faculty for the Hideout. I've just moved to Los Angeles and am taking a hiatus while I settle in. I've been in main stage shows at Gnap!, The Hideout, C...
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Cory Webster

Hello! I would love to coach your improv team or direct your sketch team! I am a former member of the UCB Mess Hall team Chat Bot and a writer/performer with my improv/sketch team Dick Cannon. Dick Cannon currently has a run at UCB Franklin with our bit show Do the Dumb! I have been coaching an...
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Mia Schauffler

Hi, my name is Mia and I'd love to coach your team! I currently perform on the UCB Harold team Leroy, and was previously on the Harold Teams Vulture and Dollhouse, and the Mess Hall team Busters. I'd love to help your team work on labeling, justifying and getting everyone on the same page.
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Londale Theus Jr.

What's up! I'm Londale Theus Jr. and I want to coach your improv team! ***UCB Theatre Harold Night 2014 - 2017 - I was on the Harold Team ROCOCO for 3 years ***UCB Theatre Maude Night 2015 - 2017 - I was a performer on the Maude Team BOMBARDIER for 2 years ***UCB Theatre Weekend Team 20...
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Andy Rocco

Hey everyone! I've been performing at UCB since 1999. I've taken classes with Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Andy Secunda, Michael Delaney, Billy Merritt, Kevin Mullaney, Armando Diaz, and Katie Roberts. I was on the house/weekend team Monkeydick and I the hosted a show "Underground Americana" I...
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