Rendel Leatherman

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Dan Lippert

PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE UCB: Winslow (Harold), Willhelm (Movie Form) INDIE: Big Grande, Guy 5, Tall Tall Small, Legends of Country Music, Urban Legends SKETCH: Big Grande (UCB, SF Sketch Fest) TRAINING IMPROV UCB: 101 (Julie Brister/Drew Difonzo Marks), 201 (Brian Finkelstein), 301 (Alex F...
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Michael Busch

Hello, my name is Michael Busch. Please consider me to coach/direct your improv/sketch group. Improv experience - I was on main stage Harold teams at IO West for three years and UCB for one year (Mr. & Mrs. All-Star). I've trained with a lot of great teachers such as Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, ...
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Ann Maddox

Ann Maddox has performed at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles since 2005. She performed improv on the Harold team "Lincoln's Bedroom" and wrote for Maude teams "Nice Kitchen" and "Hot Mess." She has studied improv and sketch under Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Chad Carter, Nick Wiger, Billy Merritt, Juli...
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Dan Black

Dan Black is a sketch/improv comedian living in Los Angeles NOW! He can be seen performing improv every Saturday night with the UCB house team Death By Roo Roo, and performing monthly with his UCB Maude sketch team Ripley. Dan can also be seen in ASSSSCAT 3000.
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James Mastraieni

James Mastraieni is an actor, writer, improviser and owner of the world's most Italian last name. James cut his teeth while touring with the Second City theatricals for two years and is now a regular performer at The Upright Citizen's Brigade with the Harold team, Outside Dog. He also was on the ...
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Drew DiFonzo Marks

hi world, email me for scheduling: heres a pretentious paragraph about me: Drew DiFonzo Marks is the former Artistic Director of the UCB Los Angeles. He is a veteran teacher at the theatre, member of UCB Touring Company, and written/directed/performed in countless ...
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Scott Neiman

Hi there! Scott has been studying improv at UCB since 2008 and has been performing improv since way back in 2000. He's currently a member of the Harold team Outside Dog and performs with his indie teams D'Artagnan and Dugan. Scott lives in Santa Monica and is currently only available for coaching...
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Joey Clift

Hey Dude / Dudette! I love sketch comedy, and would really like to coach your team, writing group, spank show, or whatever! I currently write for UCB Maude Team "Tut" and prior to that I wrote for iO West House Sketch Team "The Mutiny" (SF Sketchfest, Chicago Sketchfest) and indy sketch darlings ...
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Reyana Wright

Hiya! I'm Reyana (rhymes with banana) and I've been studying improv and performing at UCB since 2009! I've enjoyed trained with the likes of Alex Berg, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Eugene Cordero, Chad Carter, Curtis Gwinn, Joe Wengert, Brian Huskey, and so many more talented folks at UCB, iO West, ...
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