Grant O'Brien

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I'm Grant. Thanks for checking out my page.

Currently, I'm a writer and cast member at CollegeHumor.

LA is my recently adopted home. In New York, I was on Harold Night at UCB for 3 years. I was an original member on long-running team The Regulars, played on Side Piece, and left 32K for the west coast. My indie team, Gadget, hosted a weekly variety show for 2 years. That's weekly, mind you. Hardcore.

I've directed a number of shows that ran at UCB Chelsea, including The Infinity Prison from BriTANicK (long-form play, TimeOut NY's Best Sketch Show of the Year) and My Melonbasket by Christine Bullen (solo show).

As a coach, my focus tends to be on emotional stakes as a means for finding game, but I'll do whatever. It's your money, bro.

Favorite form: Monoscene With Cutaways (a Spokane or a Flower or whatever you want to call it).


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