Jason Van Glass

I believe that practice makes perfect, and I would like to help you make the most of your practice sessions, with a focus on grounded play, careful listening, and organic discovery. I've been studying improv since 2011 at UCB and at the Pack Theater, where I performed on a house team for 4 yea...
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Patrick Polsin

Howdy! I'm Patrick and I'm excited to coach your team or practice group! I have been on two excellent Messhall teams, Shimmy! And RINGO; former host of Minor League Harold Night at the clubhouse; Currently produce and host HOT TAKES! At the inner sanctum. I’m a big proponent of creating clea...
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Erich Rheinhart Tamola

Erich Tamola is a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. He was on UCB house teams: Mondegreen (Harold Night), Busters (Mess Hall) ,& Biscuits (Mess Hall). Erich co-hosted the long running 'k3wlAZN420 Show' at the UCB Inner Sanctum. He co-produces & co-hosts the 'Fil...
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Jozef Fahey

Hey! My name’s Joe and I’m available to coach your improv team! I'm a member of UCB Harold team, Jetset! I was previously on two mess hall teams: Rumple and Ringo! I also run the weekly Clubhouse show, Mach Improv. I’ve studied under Suzi Barrett, Dan Lippert, James Mastraieni, Mike McLendon, Gav...
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Mary Sasson

Hello! I am a performer, and have been on the house team Winslow since 2011. I also perform stand-up and sketch around Los Angeles. I am a supportive and enthusiastic coach. I am great at diagnosing issues, and working with teams to make them stronger.
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Don Fanelli

Hello LA! My name is Don Fanelli After performing and teaching out of UCBNY for over 6 years I decided to move out here for the lemon trees. Now I will awkwardly list why I think I would be a great coach for you: -- Been coaching for over 8 years, including many Harold and Lloyd teams, as well...
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Molly Doan

Hi! My name is Molly and I’d love to coach your improv team/practice group! I also offer 1 on 1 or group character coaching! Stuff about me: I’m on UCB Characters Welcome team, Costello, along with UCB Mess Hall team, Lobster, and past UCB Mess Hall team, Devil Hawk. You may have also seen me pe...
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George Kareman

Hey Guys! My name is George Kareman and I was on both Harold Night and Maude Night at UCBNY but I LIVE IN LOS ANGELES NOW!!! My Harold teams were Smalls, The Regulars and Deckard and my Maude teams were Supereasy and Alamo. I have also directed for Sketch Cram and Maude Night in New Yor...
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Peter Byrnes

Looking to hone initiations or work on Harolds? Bring your own POV to your scenes and characters? I'm your boi / coach! I’m a UCB performer (Mess Hall, UCB Drag Race) and writer/performer at the Ruby LA. I've performed at DCM New York and LA and the Second City Diversity festival. I co-host T...
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Andy Rocco

Hey everyone! I've been performing at UCB since 1999. I've taken classes with Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Andy Secunda, Michael Delaney, Billy Merritt, Kevin Mullaney, Armando Diaz, and Katie Roberts. I was on the house/weekend team Monkeydick and I the hosted a show "Underground Americana" I...
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