Jake Regal

Me: 7 years on UCB Harold Night/house improv teams. Currently a member of Cardinal Redbird. 2 years on Maude Night with the team Goodman. You: An improv student, probably?
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Jonny Svarzbein

Jonny Svarzbein is a performer, host, writer and UCB teacher. Jonny began studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC and LA where he has studied under Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, Matt Besser and pretty much every teacher at UCBT-LA and is now himself a teacher at UCB. UCB credits inc...
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Meg Joh

Hi! I coach improv and direct sketch and staged shows! I have performed on both UCB stages many times with my teams WILD, Spunky Moms, Hot Second, and more... I am an invested coach that creates specific plans for what you are working on as a team. My improv coaching style is most influenced by ...
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Lou Gonzalez

Hey! I'm Lou! I love working with teams on building scenes together and making bold choices. I have worked with tons of forms and even some awesomely weird experimental ones and would love to share my experience (doing improv/sketch comedy in nyc since 2009) and knowledge with y'all. B...
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Jacquis Neal

Yo. I'd love to coach you and your team. I'm a UCB approved coach and a house team member on teams like UCB Harold Team, Dollhouse and UCB Maude Team, Emerald. I also host the improv show Dramedy at UCB with my indie team Some Kinda Monster, with whom we do an improvised Law and Order, our creat...
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Lauren Knutti

Hi, pups! I'm an actor/improviser/writer who wants to coach ya! I'm on the UCB Harold team Heartthrob and was on the UCB Mess Hall team Woodson. Before moving to LA and studying at the UCB, I did years of improv and sketch in Austin at ColdTowne Theater. I have a plethora of fun exercises. Let...
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Tom Smaldone

Hey everyone! Would love to coach your team. I've performing improv since 2011. In Denver, CO I was a part of the prime time group Governor Jack where I had the opportunity to perform with UCB greats like Will Hines, Alex Berg, Billy Merrit, Dave Theune, Sebastian Conelli and more. As guests of o...
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Bre Forkes

I’ve been improvising for 7 years. I’ve studied with Second City in Chicago, UCB and Groundlings in Los Angeles. I taught improv for 3 years in Denver at various theaters, as well as workshops on character, forms, and two-prov. I co-produced a duo show for 3 years and watched literally hundreds o...
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Heather Woodward

Hello! I'm a UCB Approved Coach and director of the UCB Maude team MAMA, and was on Harold night for several years with YETI and ROCOCO (13-week UCB Cagematch Champions.) Plus I'm a recommended coach/teacher at the Pack and the Improv Space! Before moving to LA where I trained with with Matt B...
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Trevor Tevel

Thanks for checking me out! If you want to see what I'm about; show up this Friday around 10pm at the Westside Comedy Theater for Mission Improvable. I can comp you tickets if you let me know in advance(before 8pm). I've been doing improv for 11 years and love the art form. I tour the country...
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