Ify Nwadiwe

Yo! How's it going! I've been performing improv for 8 years, and I perform with the team White Women at UCB, the Mess Hall Team Burgerface and various teams on the indie scene. A little background on my improv history. I started performing short form improv in high school with the Comedy Spor...
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Harrison Brown

I've studied at UCB-LA since 2005. I have been on several harold teams throughout the years such as McGuffin and Panama. I also spent several years on Maude on such teams as Marvin Berry, Wall of Sound, and Kirkland's Signature. I co-founded TNT: Tuesday Night Thunder in 2007. You can currently ...
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Lilan Bowden

Hi! I'm a primarily UCB trained performer and am on house teams Rococo (Harold), and Bonafide (Maude, graduated 2015). I also have an independent two person sketch/improv team, "Lilan and Wilder." I have acted in many comedy TV shows as well; credits include Parks and Recreation, Suburgatory, NT...
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Matt Newell

Matt Newell is a improvisor, actor and writer from Youngsville, NC. He began studying improv at Comedy Sportz in Chapel Hill, NC and then continued at The Upright Citizens Brigade when he moved to Los Angeles. His has written and performed several shows at UCB including: Smart & Brave, Hubble ...
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G. Maximilian Zarou

Max has been on house team Spaceboat at The Improv Space in Westwood since 2011. He has completed Advanced Study at Upright Citizens' Brigade Los Angeles. He currently also performs regularly with The Sound and the Furry, a musical puppet improv group.
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Wayland McQueen

Hello, I'm Wayland McQueen, and I coach improv! I'll give you some info in handy bullet point form. Performing • I've been doing improv since February 2003 • Started taking classes at UCB in May 2007 • Performed on Harold Night at UCB from February 2009-November 2013 (Swanzey, The Great War...
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Mano Agapion

Mano Agapion is a member of UCB House team, Winslow and UCB-LA's current Diversity Coordinator. Mano loves teaching improv and it shows. Mano loves directing sketch too! Mano is me... I will now talk as me. I would like to coach you and have some fun with it, cuz if you're not having fun then ...
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Jen Caldwell

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Deborah Tarica

Deborah is a teacher at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles and in addition to being on several Harold teams, has been performing at UCB for over 5 years. She currently can be seen performing with Assembly, every other Tuesday at 7:00 pm at UCB Sunset. She was born and raised in Lo...
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Clay Larsen

Hi there. I’m Clay. I’ve been doing improv for ten years, and have been performing at UCB since 2006. I’ve been on five UCB-LA Harold teams (Empty Threat, Perfect Crime, Hugboat, Elroy, and The Racquet), done tons of other shows around the theater (Sketch Cram, Maude Night, Spank slots, bit sh...
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