Zander Frost

I AM ZANDER FROST! I want to coach your team!!!!! I'm a member of the current UCB Harold team, Heartthrob, the UCB Cagematch winning team, Bunker, and was a member of three previous UCB Mess Hall teams, Rumple, TRISH, and Scalene. I've been performing improv since 2012, and been at UCBLA since 20...
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Victoria Longwell

Hey- I'm Victoria! I'm currently in my third year on UCB's Harold Night as a member of YETI! I've studied improv at UCB with Seth Morris, Will Hines, Julie Brister, Dan Lippert, Casey Feigh, Nick Mandernach, Johnny Meeks, Suzi Barrett, and more! I'd like to help your team work on performing g...
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Caroline Cotter

Hi! I recently moved from NYC and would love to coach LA groups! At UCBNY, I performed on Asssscat and was on the weekend team GOAT, and previously was on the Harold teams Higgins, Big Margaret and Rocks, and the Lloyd team Huxtable. I am also available direct sketch groups and help with ...
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Malin von Euler-Hogan

Hi! I'd love to coach your practice group or team! I'm on the UCB Harold team PONY, and back in New York I was on the Harold teams Slamball and Foxhole. I've studied improv at UCB since 2012 and am down to work on whatever your group needs! I hate that it says "peformer" down there.
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James Dwyer

Hey I'm James. I am a veteran performer and teacher at UCBNY but NOW I LIVE IN LA. I formerly performed Fridays with The Law Firm and have previously performed in ASSSSCAT, poHa, Strife, One Man Harold, Harold Night and more. My training has primarily been through the UCB Training Center wher...
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Jesse Esparza

Hi! My name is Jesse Esparza and I'm looking to coach more improv teams. I focus on playing emotionally, having a strong opinion, reacting, simplifying scenes, and following the fun. I'm on the UCB Maude team Bombardier. I was on the UCB Maude team ALL IN, the Mess Hall team Bad Seed, the all...
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Chad Shapiro

Originally from NY, Chad Shapiro is a SAG-AFTRA actor, writer, and a nationally touring Stand-Up comedian for over 15 years. He has played the top clubs in NYC, LA and Vegas. Taught Improv at TVI Studios. Chad has trained and performed with UCB NY & LA, iO West, The Pack Theater, Second City, th...
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Nate Shelkey

Well, hello there. The short of it: I’ve been on Harold night and Maude night. I can help you! I was a member of The Racquet on Harold night in Los Angeles. And for 5 years on gigawatt, Arsenal, and Kill Your Darlings in New York. I was also on the Maude teams Last Slice in Los Angeles...
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Ric Rosario

I love to focus on scene work! Quality scenes first, everything else will fall into place. I have the esteemed privilege of having studied with great teachers at UCBTLA, Second City Hollywood, iO West, and I am a grad of those schools.
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Michael Gardner

Hello! My name is Michael Gardner and I would love to coach your improv team, or direct your sketch or staged comedy show. I have been doing improv for 11 years and have been studying specifically here in LA since 2011. I also co-wrote the shows "The Dixieland Family Band", "Who Is Funk Shuffl...
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