Chad Shapiro

Originally from NY, Chad Shapiro is a SAG-AFTRA actor, writer, and a nationally touring Stand-Up comedian for over 15 years. He has played the top clubs in NYC, LA and Vegas. Taught Improv at TVI Studios. Chad has trained and performed with UCB NY & LA, iO West, The Pack Theater, Second City, th...
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Alan Starzinski

Alan Starzinski is an actor, improvisor, and writer living formally of NYC. He has was on Harold teams Sandino and Rocks. He was on the Lloyd team Camp and the Characters Welcome house team. He has been taking classes at UCB since June 2007. He has studied under the finest teachers in New York...
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Jake Dunnington

Hi! I'm Jake Dunnington and I currently run a show at UCB with my favorite team in the world, Boss Jr. I'm looking to take on new teams and help them grow. I'm familiar with all forms of improv, but have a special place in my heart for monoscenes pretty flowers. I've studied with Suzi Barrett, Ni...
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Marina Mastros

Hello! I'm a performer, teacher, and the Inclusion Director at iO West. Catch MAX every Monday at 10! I also play with Sex Positive Science Kids and musical team Garage Band. I've been improvising since 2000 and coaching since 2007. I graduated from UCB, iO Chicago, and performed professionally i...
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Michael Gardner

Hello! My name is Michael Gardner and it would bring me great joy to coach your improv team. I have been doing improv for 11 years and have been studying specifically here in LA since 2011. You may have seen me perform around town with my teams, Funk Shuffle, Broth Bag, and HuntTheWeak@Hot...
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Mary Sasson

Hello! I am a performer, and have been on the house team Winslow since 2011. I also perform stand-up and sketch around Los Angeles. I am a supportive and enthusiastic coach. I am great at diagnosing issues, and working with teams to make them stronger.
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Naomi Villa

Hello! I currently perform with the UCB Harold Team DIRT, the indie team Boss Jr, Jambi, and the former Mess Hall team LaserDisc. I also produce the show Boss Jr. Presents at UCB and The Clubhouse. I've studied with Will Hines, Eugene Cordero, Mary Holland, Johnny Meeks, Nick Mandernach, and a bu...
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Jacquis Neal

Yo. I'd love to coach you and your team. I'm currently on UCB Harold Team, Dollhouse, and am a former 2x Mess Hall champion of the world. I also host the indie improv show Dramedy with my indie team Some Kinda Monster, with whom we do an improvised Law and Order, our created form. I've been lucky...
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Jesse Esparza

Hi! My name is Jesse Esparza and I'm looking to coach more improv teams. I focus on playing emotionally, having a strong opinion, reacting, simplifying scenes, and following the fun. I'm on the UCB Maude team Bombardier. I was on the UCB Maude team ALL IN, the Mess Hall team Bad Seed, the all...
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Dennis Curlett

Hi! My name's Dennis and I'd love to coach your team! I was a member of the UCB Harold team KNUCKLEPUCK and UCB Mess Hall Teams, WATSON and BUSTERS. I've been doing improv for fifty thousand years and have been taught by literally everyone. Literally. Think of someone. Yes, they've taught me! ...
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