Roberto Lewis

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Matt Schimkowitz

Hi! I'm Matt and I've been studying at UCB since 2013. In that time, I've been accepted into their Advanced Study Improv and Sketch programs, performed on countless indie teams and the Del Close Marathon. Additionally, I've worked, with either through coaching or classes, with likes of Anthon...
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Julia Meltzer

Hi guys, I'm Julia - I am on the UCB approved coaches list, I regularly sub Boot Camp, I coach a UCB Mess Hall team, and I'm on the UCB Harold Team Queen George and in the cast of monthly show Toledo Rep. I can help your team or practice group with pulling premise, labeling & justifying, maki...
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Ashley Holston

Let me coach you!! We'll laugh, we'll learn, we'll lessen the disappointment your parents feel because you've decided to be a clown instead of a doctor. I'm currently on UCBTLA Harold team Dollhouse, the all Black all female improv team Obama's Other Daughters, and Queer World which is compris...
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Ryan Barton

Member of Rita Repulsa. Doll on Harold Team Dollhouse. Advocate for Obama's Other Daughters and Fashion Show at Lunch. An improv dork born in the deserts of Arizona, found myself in the city of Chicago, and now losing my soul in LA. I think there are many ways find your own unique improv voic...
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Genetra Tull

If you're looking for a UCB approved, female person of colour, I'm your lady. I also have a space we can rehearse in if needed. I've studied at both UCB and IO: West. I'm on the UCB Harold Team Mondegreen, the formally IO: West Harold Team Linoleum City and the Second City long form team Bandwago...
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Micaela Pettigrew

Hello!! My name is Micaela and I would love to coach your team! I'm on the Mess Hall team Busters and I was on the UCB Harold team, Sixkiller. I have been doing improv for 8 years, originally starting out in the Sacramento area. There I coached a Harold team for over a year and created work...
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Sarah Claspell

I'm Sarah Claspell and I think coaching you would be awesome. I'm currently on the graduated UCBLA Harold team Cardinal Redbird. Catch us every Tuesday night at UCB Franklin at 11pm - $5! I'm also on UCB improv Superteam Voltron, the graduated Maude team The Get Go, and indie teams Area 51, S...
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Luke Field

Hi LA! I just moved here from NY and I am itching to coach. I was on four UCB NY Harold teams (Too Damn Much, Mermaids, Foxhole, Coworkers), two Lloyd teams (Rizzo and Southpaw), UCB TourCo and The Friday Night Show at The Magnet Theater. I've been performing improv regularly since 2010. I was...
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Drew Spears

Updated schedule for August!! Hello! I am Drew Spears of UCB house team Cardinal Redbird. I am now available for day and evening coaching most nights and am eager to work with performers of all levels and performance groups. I am also available for sketch coaching and directing, Spank directi...
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