Devin Field

Hi! I'm Devin Field, and I'm currently in my second year on UCB's Harold Night as a member of Zoo Zoo. I'm also a member of The Holdup, which recently enjoyed a 12 week run at the UCB Cagematch. I've studied improv at the UCB and iO West with people like Will Hines, Suzi Barret, Billy Merritt, Ma...
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Joy Mamey

Hey there, I'm Joy. I'm great. A recent fortune cookie told me I am kind and sociable. I've been doing improv comedy since 2006 studying and performing both short form and long form. I've performed with many amazing talents like Alex Moffat (SNL) and Jessica Williams (The Daily Show). I've s...
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Matt Cordova

I am currently on the UCB Harold Team "Sixkiler" coached by Paul Welsh, as well as the UCB Maude Team "Eastwood" directed by Bradford Evans. I have been involved in the LA improv community since 2011 hosting and performing with my Indie team "Icky Pep". We still run a jam at UCB inner sanctum e...
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Ali Ghandour

*** My schedule changes frequently so feel free to send an email if you've got a time frame in mind. "sub coaching and one-off sessions A-OK!" ™ Ali is an actor and writer from Azusa, CA who can be seen performing weekly with UCB Harold team The Dragons. Other credits include the Harold tea...
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Joel Weidl

HELLO LOS ANGELES. I want to coach or direct your team/group/troupe/band! I've just moved into town after years of performing comedy in NYC. I've been doing improv and sketch for a long time now. In NYC I was improvising every Saturday at UCB with the weekend team GOAT and I performed sketch m...
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Jessie Stegner

Hi There! My name is Jessie. I love improv and I love people and I'd love to coach your improv team of people! I just moved to Los Angeles from Chicago where I spent 7 years doing sketch and improv comedy. I was part of the professional ensemble ComedySportz Chicago, a One Group Mind ensemble ...
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Haley Hepworth

Hey! My name is Haley Hepworth, and I'd love to coach your team! I currently perform on Harold night at UCB with my team DunkTank and write for Maude night with my team All In. I've been improvising for over 10 years, and have trained at both UCBNY and UCBLA. I bring fun, focused energy to re...
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Kate Koch

I recently moved to LA from NYC where I was a weekend performer on two teams, The Friday Night Sh*w and The Cast, at the Magnet Theater. In the past I was on Megawatt (house) teams at the Magnet (Wolf Gang, Hardy and Dog Scarf). I also performed sketch at the Magnet with Adults. (I have been on a...
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Jacob Lawrence Wysocki

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James Pumphrey

Hi! My name is James Pumphrey and I’m available to coach your sketch or improv team. I’ve been writing and performing at UCB for ten years. I currently run a monthly sketch show at UCB Sunset called Revolver that’s been running for a year. I’m also a coach/director for the Miles Stroth Workshop h...
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