Christopher Renfro

UCB & Groundling’s trained improviser & sketch performer 💃🏼 Maude Night (Somebody’s Baby) Mess Hall (Fetch, RUMPLE) I’m a LGBT POC, full of energy, ready to coach your team with 100% commitment, Baby! Trouble finding game? I love game. Need help with characters? I got’chu! Need to lear...
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DarylJim Diaz

Hi! I'm DarylJim. I'm from Hawaii and came to LA to pursue musical theater. Along the way, I fell in love with comedy! Basically, I nerd out to acting, improvising, and musical theatering. With all of that said, I want to coach your improv team and/or practice group! My UCB performance credit...
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Hannah Garcés

Hi! I'm currently a member of the UCB Harold Team Mondegreen and the indie team Fresh Hell. I was also on the UCB Harold Team Knucklepuck. Email me and let's talk about what you want to work on. I like all kinds of forms and have been performing the monoscene with Fresh Hell since our ince...
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Eileen Mary O'Connell

Hi there! I'm Eileen and I have 16 years of improv and sketch experience that I'd love to share with you! I've trained with UCBTLA, Second City Chicago, the Miles Stroth Workshop (now known as The Pack), Drysdale Classes, Groundlings, Nerdist, and more. I'm a member of Murder Murder (UCBTLA's...
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John Purcell

My name is John Purcell and I would love to coach your indie team/practice group. I have performed with the UCB NY Harold teams Apollo and Some Kid. I also performed with the UCB LA Mess Hall team Busters. I’m particularly interested in focusing on realistic behavior, justifications that are b...
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Jane Kim

Hi there! My name is Jane and I'd love to be your coach! You can currently catch me on Mess Hall as a part of Éclair Danes, performing with my all ladies indie team Fashion Show at Lunch or hosting Community Pool with my indie team Swimming Lessons at The Clubhouse and UCB Inner Sanctum. I was...
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Jacquis Neal

Yo. I'd love to coach you and your team. I'm a UCB approved coach and currently on UCB Harold Team, Dollhouse. I also host the improv show Dramedy at UCB with my indie team Some Kinda Monster, with whom we do an improvised Law and Order, our created form. I've been lucky to learn and practice und...
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Jake Sprague

Hi! I'm Jake and I am perform at UCB with Harold Team PONY and formerly Rococo. I've been doing improv for a hot minute and would love to coach YOUR TEAM! I like keeping the energy high and the scenes ever higher (I recognize that means nothing). If that's not enough info just email me and we...
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Mia Schauffler

Hi, my name is Mia and I'd love to coach your team! I currently perform on the UCB Harold team Dollhouse, and was previously on the UCB Mess Hall team Busters. I'd love to help your team work on labeling, justifying and getting everyone on the same page.
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Josh Brekhus

Yo yo yo, I'm Josh and I'd like to coach your improv team. I've studied comedic things at UCB since 2010, and have done comedic things at UCB like Harold Teams BELMONTE, SOLID GOLD FOREVER, and currently on LEROY. I was also on a Maude Team ROYAL BERMUDA WHISKEY CLUB, a performer on UCB TourCo, a...
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