Hannah Garc├ęs

Hi! I'm currently a member of the UCB Harold Team KNUCKLEPUCK and the indie team Fresh Hell. While at the UCB, I have worked with Joel Spence, Mary Holland, Alex Fernie, Alex Berg, Mike Still, Eugene Cordero, and many more. Email me and let's talk about what you want to work on. I like ...
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Rich Baker

Rich currently teaches at The Second City Hollywood and the Westside Comedy Theatre. His two man troupe Rollin' In Riches performs at theatres and festivals around the country. And he can be seen as part of the Mission IMprovable ensemble. He's performed for The Second City, Mission Improvable...
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Sarah Claspell

I'm Sarah Claspell and I think coaching you would be awesome. I'm currently on the graduated UCBLA Harold team Cardinal Redbird. Catch us every Tuesday night at UCB Franklin at 11pm - $5! I'm also on UCB improv Superteam Voltron, the graduated Maude team The Get Go, and indie teams Area 51, S...
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Stephen Perlstein

I help improv students to strengthen their improv basics that they can apply to every type of improv. I do this by trying a variety of forms to work strengths and challenge growth areas, getting lots of reps in every practice, and praising the good work people bring to practices. I'm proud to ...
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Jason Sheridan

Jason is a member of the popular Los Angeles improv team Kid Grift. He is an alum of UCB's Harold Night and a regular performer at The Tournament of Nerds. He has studied sketch and improv with Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, Chad Carter, Billy Merritt, Danielle Schneider, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Brett Chr...
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Maggie Mae Fish

Hey there! I'm a iO Chicago alumna and have studied at iO Chicago, Second City, The Annoyance, and UCBLA. I'm currently on the iO West Harold Team "Husky" and indie team "It's Pauline!" I was previously on "Red Coat Presidents" and my two-man team "Nice Guys." I've also coached teams at iO ...
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Justin Uretz

Currently a member of iO Harold Team MAX and indie teams Herr Doktor and Tiny Butts. Originally from Chicago. Have been performing improv/sketch in Los Angeles for the past ten years.
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Danny Mora

Studied improvisation at iO theater with Del Close, Charna Halpern, Noah Gregoropoulos, Miles Stroth and Craig Cackowski. Also studied at the Annoyance Theater with Mick Napier. Founding member of influential iO Chicago harold team "People of Earth" and "3033". Improvising weekly since the late 9...
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Mark Ranft

I'm Mark and I've been doing improv for almost a decade now. I was most recently on the mess hall team Scalene at UCB. I've taken classes with Groundlings, Second City, iO and UCB. I have experience with short and long form improv, and of course the sacred Harold. My coaching style is focused o...
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Mike McLendon

Hello. Thanks for clicking on either my avatar/ name. I've got 10+ years as an improviser and coach. I've graduated from UCB, iO West, The Second City, and the Westside Comedy Theater. I am still very involved with all of those theaters as a performer or faculty member. The bullet points: ...
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