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Hi! My name is Jesse Esparza and I'm looking to coach more improv teams. I focus on playing emotionally, having a strong opinion, reacting, simplifying scenes, and following the fun.

I'm on the UCB Maude team Bombardier. I was on the UCB Maude team ALL IN, the Mess Hall team Bad Seed, the all Latino comedy group Geraldo, and I wrote, directed, and produced Tonya Harding the Musical, which had a successful run from April 2014 - December 2015. I also wrote and directed CarteLOL, which had a successful run in 2016.

I've been at UCBLA since 2009 and have been coaching since 2012. I love coaching improv and directing sketch stuff. I have a lot of experience, all listed below, get @ me if you're looking for a fun coach who knows their stuff.

I also direct Spank shows and read sketch packets if you need that too!


(Much) Longer bio:

I've been studying at UCB for 10 years and have studied with the best. My credits are below. I believe I would make a good coach because since starting, I have completely dedicated myself to UCB and the LA indie scene. I've been in many practice and performing groups. I know how it works. I've been in your shoes and I can help you become a stronger improviser. I first and foremost focus on playing emotionally, and having a strong opinion and point of view. Often times people are too caught up with game and forget to be human beings. I also focused on finding the game/ the fun of the scene and completely exploring it and having FUN. I love character driven scenes and can help you with that. I know all of the forms and can really help your team grow. I've studied with so many people as teachers and coaches and fellow improvisers, and I've taken all of their lessons and information and can now help you.

My schedule is openly available Thursday-Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday I'm available after 4pm. The rate is $30/hr.

I have a tumblr that started as an improv advice blog, but is now mostly used for gif's and promotional stuff ( If you dig deep enough, you can definitely read more about my improv theories. I am looking to coach improv, but if you need a director for a Spank, I can do that as well. I put up many running shows at UCB recently. Below are my full credentials. Live laugh and love!

Contact info:

101 with Alex Fernie
201 with Brett Christenson
301 with Julie Brister
401 with Joe Wengert
401 with Billy Merritt
Advanced Study Forms Class with Drew Difonzo Marks
Advanced Harold with Billy Merritt
Advanced Group Games with Billy Merritt
Advanced Harold with Billy Merritt (Again)
Advanced Study One Act Plays with Billy Merritt
Advanced Study with Jackie Clarke
Advanced Study “Back to Basics” with Joe Wengert
Advanced Harold with Drew Difonzo Marks
Advanced Study Monoscene with Julie Brister
Advanced Group Work with Alex Berg
Advanced Study with Joe Wengert
Advanced Harold with Anthony King
Advanced Harold with Neil Campbell
Advanced Study with Chad Carter
Advanced Harold with Anthony King (Again)
412 with Billy Merritt
Advanced Harold with Alex Berg
Advanced Harold with Will Hines
Advanced Study with Will Hines
Advanced Study with Will Hines

Practicing Teams:
- Teen Mom coached by Josh Simpson/ Ben Siemon
- Search for the Cure coached by Ben Siemon/ Jess Allen Eason
- Downhill Scoundrel coached by Jill Donnelly
- Junior Prom coached by Jackie Clarke/ James Eason
- Gary Glitter coached by Jess Allen Eason
- Dynasty coached by Toni Charline
- Puppy Party coached by Julie Brister
- Mindsweats coached by Jess Allen Eason
- Ice Tits coached by Eugene Cordero
- Chipotle Presents: Improv coached by Mel Cowan
- The Kingdom coached by Anthony King/ Jon Gabrus
- Bad Seed coached by Deb Tarica
-2012 by Amey Goerlich

Shows at UCB:
Maude Night
Mess Hall Night
UCB's Drag Show Competition (Winner)
Geraldo's Cinco de Mayo Parking Lot Party
Tonya Harding The Musical
Ice Tits Presents: Who Killed Matt Manser
Basic Bitches
What Would Jesse Do
Sketch Cram (Actor- Feb 2012, April 2013)
The 2013 Mr. and Mrs. Beauty On The Inside Pageant.

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

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  • House Team
  • Teacher
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