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Hello, my name is Greg and I'd be thrilled and honored to be able to coach or sub for your practice group or team. I'd love to help out improvisers who are going through the core levels of 101-401.

I've studied at UCB since 2015 (both improv and sketch) and am currently in the Academy. I've had so many great teachers and coaches that have taught me very good things: Keisha Zollar, Molly Thomas, Zack Willis, Achilles Stamatelaky, James Dwyer, Billy Merritt, Anthony Apruzzese, Michael Delaney, Ben Rameaka, Kevin Hines, Alex Dickson, Don Fanelli, Tim Martin, Nicole Drespel and Morgan Phillips to name a few.

I've been in a few ASP's: "The Art House Improv Movement" created by James Dwyer and "The Slow Fuse" created by Morgan Phillips. Both of these shows were truly wild. I'm also on an indie team; we call ourselves "The Shrimp Store," and we've even won at Cage Match.

I'm down to help out your group in any way possible. I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to improv. I can focus on a bunch of different ways to get out of your own head, playing from the gut, hardcore commitment, group support, injecting specificity into scenes, playing within genres, different forms, etc. I can also help with things like pattern game. I've learned 100 different ways to do pattern game from 100 different teachers, the version that you're working on I have likely been exposed to it.

Anyways, my schedule is super flexible and I'm cool with last minute requests, my schedule changes at times so reach out even if it's marked unavailable on my schedule thing.

I also shoot and edit videos constantly, if you're a freak for sketch and need someone to film or produce your sketch, I could be your guy. Check out my site:

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