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I've been performing improv since 2001 and have performed improv comedy all over the world including Sydney, Amsterdam, London and multiple cities in the US and Canada. I've taught workshops at many festivals and independently at high schools, colleges and universities.

I studied at Ultimate Improv (Westwood), UCB (NY), Groundlings, UCB (LA), and had private coaching with instructors such as Mick Napier, Keegan Michael Key, Karen Graci, Michael Orton-Toliver and Bill Chott.

UCB Credits: Dirtiest Sketch in LA, All You Can Eat with James and Gian, Eat That Sandwich with Bill Merritt, Comedy Death Ray, UCB Mixtape, Not Too Shabby, Imaginary Friends, DMC Preview Night, See You Next Tuesday, Middle Kid, Del Close Marathon (NY)

IO West Credits: Roberto Alomar, Bandit (house team), Doctor Who Live, Hispania, Drunkards and Dragons, Nervous Jerk Comedy Show, Team Pregnancy, Cherry Pick, Man v.s Improv, Cut That Promo, Improvised Stand Up, The Execution (Hollywood Suit Outlet)

I coach existing and new teams for short term and long term basis. I go beyond just weekly coaching, I'll help with booking shows and festivals, any help with acting career (headshots, reel, finding agents, etc.) I've honest, direct and supportive to anyone on all levels and will focus on individual growth as well as your team chemistry,

Hit me up and let's get to work!

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