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*** Please note: My regular schedule is currently full. You can still contact me for one-offs, but I'm not taking on any more regular teams at the moment. Thanks!

Hi there! I'm a trained coach from iOWest and have specifically studied improv coaching under Craig Cackowski (Dasariski) and Dave Hill (King Ten).

I hold a BA in Theatre from Santa Clara University and I've trained at UCBLA (Advanced Program), iOWest (Graduate), The Pack Theater. Outside of major classes at those theaters I've also taken workshops at UCBNY and trained with Heather Campbell, Brian James O'Connell, Rich Talarico, and Rebecca Drysdale. I believe that having a diverse training background gives you the largest set of tools to use on stage at any given moment.

As a performer, I've played UCBLA, UCBNY, iOWest (Mainstage Harold), and The Pack Theater (Mainstage Sketch - Dr. America). I've also done a ton of indie shows over the years and been on teams that have done long cagematch/competition runs, so I'm happy to help you prepare you for different situations/show types.

I've been on regularly performing teams with as many as 10 people and as few as two. I once performed in an iOWest competition and was the only member of my team who could make it that night. No matter how many folks you have, I probably have some experience of making it work.

As a writer, I'm a trained playwright and have studied with Eric Moneypenny (The Eric Andre Show), Sam Brown (Whitest Kids U Know), Rich Talarico (Key & Peele), and Neil Campbell (Brooklyn 99).

Hit me up and let's get you to where you're going.

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